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Yoga workshop Sept 2016

2016 Power Yoga workshops (Fee includes Food and Stay)-Please bring your Towel, Pillow and Blanket

Vedic Ashram, Ingersoll presents Dr. Yogiraj Vishvapal Jayant who has been awarded by the President of India as the "Modern Bhim" and is an experienced and highly knowledgeable practitioner of Yoga and Ayurveda for the last 40 years. He is also the founder of Gurukul Kanvashram in Kotdwar, India.
Dr. Yogiraj extolls the virtues of his upcoming weekend health detox workshops at the Vedic Ashram, Ingersoll which are on Sep 16, Sep 23 and Sep 30, 2016.
I his video message he says, "We see a surge in the number of doctors and health practitioners around the world due to ill health and various diseases like Ulcer, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Problems and many more, still the number of patients is increasing more and more. The reason for many of these diseases have been explained by our seers within the treatment manuals such as Shankh Prakshalan, Panchkarma, Basti etc. The Rishis give the example of our cooking pots being cleaned everyday but the cleaning of stomach and upper tract is not done on a periodical basis. In modern terms, you may take the example of a car engine which needs oil change and service. Similarly our body's engine is stomach where all the food gets processed and it needs a thorough cleaning at least once a year and our Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth also need a thorough cleaning now and then. Hence, we present these Kriyas to the public during our month long health workshops at the Vedic Ashram, Ingersoll. When you book a weekend health detox workshop, you arrive at the Ashram on Friday evening after 4 pm for Registration. Then you settle down with your nightly supplies that you bring with you like, bedsheet, pillow, comforter, towel and other toiletries and a yoga mat at your given bed. Then you come to attend a Yoga and Meditation Session. After that you have your evening meal, go for a walk, use silent time, listen to mantras and go to sleep after drinking a Kawath drink. On Saturday morning you wake up around 5 am and after freshening up, attend a morning yoga session if you like then your Shankh Prakshalan Kriya begins at 8 am. You are given warm water infused with Pink Himalayan Salt and Lime to drink and do various yoga asanas to help you go. Soon you start getting motions using many of our toilets. You repeat this sequence until your stomach is completely clean. Dr. Yogiraj keeps a close eye on each student and helps them achieve complete success. Later you are given light but healthy meal and you rest. In the evening you come for light yoga and another light meal. Then we get you to join in a Kirtan and Meditation.
Sunday morning again you wake up early and join the morning yoga class. After a healthy breakfast, you are given the treatment of Gyanendriya Panchkarma, Eyes, Ears, Nose Mouth. After the lunch meal, you attend an Ayurveda Lecture from Dr. Yogiraj where he advises you about your doshas and how to take care of your healthy eating and lifestyle changes that you need to make for optimum health. Then the weekend session concludes and you proceed to clean up your living area and get ready to leave.
We have limited capacity as each workshop has maximum 20 persons. Please book your Health Detox Workshop now before all workshops get fully booked. Go to our website to book the workshops or email:

4.   Shankh Prakshalan  $201

(Body Cleansing -Detoxification) Plus Panch karma

(Three days)-Sept 16,17 and 18,2016 (Friday-Sunday)

Registrations 4pm onwards

5.    Shankh Prakshalan $201

(Body Cleansing -Detoxification) Plus Panch Karma

(Three Days) Sept 23,24 and Sept 25, 2016 (Friday-Sunday)

Registrations 4pm onwards

6.    Shankh Prakshalan  $201

(Body Cleansing -Detoxification) Plus Panch Karma

Three days Sept 30 ,Oct 1 and Oct 2, 2016 

Registrations 4pm onwards

Nari Parikshan- $21.00


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